22 — 24 November 2019

Ben Marko


How did the Ben Marko bags come to be? The story began when I discovered design textiles that were completely different from those available on the Czech market.

I was trying different things with the textile that could be handy in everyday use.

And so, the vanity cases and pouches that fit every handbag were born.

Because who doesn’t have a couple of necessities they can’t do without?

And it turns out that I am not the only one captivated by this kind of textile. Stuff for myself and gifts for my friends has expanded to market sales and custom production.

Due to the wishes and demands of the customers, my range of products has gradually increased.

Now I make bags and pouches that can be good for little secrets as well as huge shopping sprees. Backpacks and handbags for trips or to work.

Wallets, clutch bags, pouches, and vanity bags for any knick-knacks and necessities.

I design original pieces of which no two are alike.

The utmost priority is the textile, which must inspire me with its uncommon motifs. I select the best, mostly from Japan, but also the USA, Europe and, of course, the Czech authorial production.

I prefer linen and cotton. I also use washable paper, cork, nettle fiber, and more.

I combine the overlaying textile from all over the world with Czech produced lining, accessories, and needlework.

I take pride in the precise craftsmanship and great durability. Details such as metal zippers and straps made of washable paper are also important.

My bags are a union of an original design, quality materials, handiwork, and nature-friendly approach.

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