22 — 24 November 2019



IVUK products represent the best helpers for everyday life. They are inspired by the “zero waste” lifestyle.

Is your bag or backpack always messy? Our bags will help you! A cotton canvas bag will protect your things and the printed picture on the front will help you find them. They are designed for all generations and interest groups. For example, they can be used for traveling, relaxation, work or even as a gift wrap.

They can all be put in one drawstring bag with the inscription PYTLÍK. And if you go shopping, don’t forget to take the FOLDING BAG! A folding shopping bag which resembles a shopping cart.

To help you remember, you will definitely need the DIARY BLOCK printed on recycled paper. It includes a weekly overview sorted in columns followed by a free double page for your ideas. Towards the end, you will find an overview of the previous as well as the upcoming year and space to note down birthdays. It is bound in foil plates which can also serve as a transparent pouch for the really important notes and reminders. In order to retain your great ideas or maybe just to relax, use our SKETCH BLOCK composed of several types of paper suitable either for various drawings or for better orientation.

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