22 — 24 November 2019

La lute wear


Two girls from Ostrava who spend hours sitting in their chairs, surrounded by pillows with needles in their hands, patiently casting on stitches and dropping hitches. They don’t cut corners, they knit each sweater by the sweat of their brows. And when they are happy with the result, it’s time to spread the knitted love into the world.

They say: “We knit. All the time. While waiting for a train, in the sun, in the rain, at night, when we can’t rest, at light, at work, when stressed. There is always weather for a sweater. We are weaving a story into every row, every stitch and we love to share the knitted tale with you. We love beautiful things and since we often cannot find what we are looking for in the stores, we’ve decided to create it ourselves – for us and for you.”

Fashion and Jewelry