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Lukáš Lindner is the founder of LukAshWoodesign that specializes in products made of solid wood such as tables, beds or coffee tables. The brand takes pride in the quality of its products as well as their modern design, using mainly local suppliers of dried lumber. Preference is given to Czech wood, predominantly ash, popular for its unique pattern and variety of colors. All products are made in Fajna Dílna workshop in Ostrava.

There are many more products on offer besides stylish functional chopping boards made of transversally cut lumber or lamps that combine modern technology and solid wood. You can buy these products at MeatDesign Ostrava.

Lukáš Lindner also works as an instructor in Fajna Dílna Ostrava where he helps you to experience the joy of turning a log into a product of your liking, all of which takes place in the pleasant atmosphere of a workshop filled with the scent of wood. Of course, when finished, the product is yours to keep.

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