22 — 24 November 2019



Young bookshop and publishing house specializing in the sale of art publications, authorial prints and art periodicals.

They are obsessed with paper, books and various forms of visual culture! Their focus is not strictly limited to selected trends, they rather wish to offer a wide variety of publications and materials, from fine art and theory, through design and architecture to photography or poetry. The aim is to support pieces of young authors and cultural players through publishing activities and thus participate in promotion of local cultural environment in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The vast majority of books are published in English or in Czech-English mutations and their distribution is planned for both Czech and foreign markets. The brand perceives cooperation with foreign partners – publishers and bookshops – as a way to promote the works of young Czech authors and artists on an international scale. But at the same time, it sees it as an opportunity to offer a number of foreign publications, periodicals and materials to the local environment which would otherwise not be so easily accessible in the Czech context.

“Besides our publishing work, we are fascinated by the materialization of the printed word and image. Part and parcel of our activities is also exhibition work, namely exhibiting projects of artists, groups or themes which will be based on the contents of books we publish. We have decided to dedicate the windows of our store to such exhibitions,” says.

We are booksellers and publishers. We love paper, art and visual culture. We are a space for meeting, blending, learning, reading and browsing. We have an open concept with an infinite number of pages and sheets.

Books, Stationery