Nakladatelství Meander

nakladatelstvi-meander nakladatelstvi-meander nakladatelstvi-meander

An independent publishing house which devotes great care to authentic artistic work for children and young adults, and especially to original and authorial books. At the same time, it emphasizes the artistic concept of the titles. It seeks to publish books which will help to explain to children and young adults alike the concept of “fiction”.

It cooperates not only with esteemed authors (from Viola Fischerová and Jiří Stránský, Ludvík Vaculík to Daniela Fischerová and Václav Havel) but also with prospective writers who had their debut in Meander (such as Petr Nikl who became the author of Magnesia Litera’s Book of the Year).

Children, Books, Stationery, Other