22 — 24 November 2019

Natálie Bernard


A fashion stylist and occasional costume designer.

An advocate of sustainable fashion and a member of the global Fashion Revolution movement. She predominantly operates in the north of Moravia. She provides fashion consulting, wardrobe optimization and cleanses and shopping escorts.

She gives lectures on what is known as a fast and slow fashion. Now, she has her own sustainable brand RedN. By thorough rummaging in second hands, she chooses original clothing which she then “tunes” by occasional re-stitching and decorates it with a red letter N. The initial letter of the original idea “Nevyhodit!” (“Don’t throw away!”) and a way to support the slow fashion movement.  She is very playful. Red N as “iNfinity, Not possible, coiNcidence, pleNty, Not me…”. RedN as a space for your imagination, opinion and style.

Fashion and Jewelry