Nikola Zezulová

nikola-zezulova nikola-zezulova nikola-zezulova

Nikola Zezulová specialises on women’s fashion. She likes to put the individuality, form and timelessness of her design into each piece of her work. When it comes to orders, she puts magnificent distinctness into every model according to her customer with unmatched originality.

The main source of inspiration comes through in various forms of art, such as a variety of colours in nature, sharp expressions of architecture, deep emotionality of films, and uniqueness of paintings. However, sometimes the biggest inspiration are the events of everyday life. Her work is like a hunger that cannot be satisfied as every opportunity to create is taken up to the highest level in search of perfection in every pattern, colour, structure and stitch.

­­Nikola’s works are all unique, nevertheless the clever repeating pattern of black and white is the cornerstone of her style.

“Fashion is a colourful play of harmony between functionality and design.”


Fashion and Jewelry