Štefan Sekáč

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The FET!S collection deals with various sociological-cultural levels polarizing society. Exploring the icon and iconicity and how these phenomena confront each other in the permanence and transience of contemporary culture and the objects it produces.


Mgr. art. Štefan Sekáč

Štefan Sekáč is left-handed, he writes with his left hand but does everything else with his right. He is a graduate of the Ceramics Studio at the Department of Applied Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, he works mainly in the medium of ceramics and porcelain, his work is oriented towards creative experimentation, critique of trends and commerce, searching for idols and ideals. Successful objects made of fired and glazed porcelain have been exhibited at events such as Milano Design Week 2021, RévélationsInternational Biennial of Crafts and Creation at the Grand Palais in Paris and have also been nominated for this year’s National Design Award SK 2021 in the category “Applied Design.”


photos @livia_stokingerova