TASZEN TASZEN is a brand created by Marcelina Szczepanik. The idea emerged in 2017 from the need to have a reusable lunch bag to eliminate plastic bags. Washable paper proved to be perfect for this role, as it has become the basis of other products such as backpacks, kidney bags, handbags, vanity cases and items of decorative and utility value.

“A NATURALLY SMART PRODUCT” is the motto on which the brand bases its products, but also invites people to cooperate. He focuses particular attention on creating alternative materials, second-hand fabrics, clothes, plastics and any resources that are ready to sew something from them. This makes the products unique and exceptional. Already in the design process, it emphasizes that the amount of waste is as small as possible and that unused material is used as reinforcement elements. In line with the less waste lifestyle, it renews, repairs, remakes, recycles and reuses.

Fashion and Jewelry, V4