The theme that will unite the entire festival, accompanying program, and visual aspects of the event this year is “MAGIC.”
Choosing the theme of “magic” aims to provide a contrast to the hectic world that surrounds us daily. In today’s times, we are burdened with a multitude of news and worries about the future; we struggle to pause. Magic as a theme brings moments of joy, wonder, and fantasy into our lives. Through design, we want to create a space for positive emotional experiences and show that even in everyday chaos, one can find magic and beauty.
In this way, we strive to offer a “healthy” escape from reality and a break from stressors, inspiring people to perceive magic in everyday life through the aesthetics and creativity of our design showcase. This theme will permeate the accompanying program and serve as inspiration for you and your exhibits.


Exhibition categories are divided by the size of the areas and the nature of the installation. Exhibition spaces will be divided into two categories.
The “S” category is intended for smaller brands, starting designers, and projects that will have sales assortments. In this category, it is possible to order an area from 6m2. The price per 1m2 is 1100 CZK excluding VAT.
The “XL” category is intended for companies with large exhibition displays, and it is possible to order an area from 6m2. The price per 1m2 is 1900 CZK excluding VAT.
This year’s Meat Design will take place in Dolní Vítkovice area, the spaces of “FUTUREUM”, “VELKÝ SVĚT TECHNIKY” and “VÝDUŠNÁ JÁMA”

Space rental includes:

  • Exhibition space for the entire 4 days of the showcase
  • Marketing presentation in the online catalog on the festival website
  • Two separate posts on our social media
  • Uniform space designation (printed PVC sign in a unified visual style)
  • Electricity supply
  • Table and 2 chairs (additional furniture can be rented upon individual agreement for a fee)
  • Opportunity to participate in the accompanying program through a lecture
  • 2 tickets to the opening evening
  • Free accreditations for the entire festival for clients based on the ordered area (up to 10m2 10 entries, up to 20m2 20 entries, over 30m2 25 entries).


    Brandname (a name under which you will be presented)

    Contact information


    Rental area and category

    Meat S - for small brands, creators, and emerging designers.Meat XL - for manufacturers and companies.Meat Fresh - for students, schools, and artistic/site-specific installations.Other